Anu Subramanian

Anuradha (Anu) Subramanian has over 15 years of experience developing and managing software projects in the areas of internet search, e-commerce platforms, utility information management, product lifecycle management, production & inventory management, business intelligence, civil engineering, as well as integration between these and other applications. This exposure to various industries gives her a unique blend of skills and perspective; she is able to build cross-functional teams, negotiate various levels of hierarchy, and apply her experience to small and large businesses alike. Her Project Managment philosophy is to keep processes simple and intuitive, and to communicate effectively. Anu holds a B.Sc. from Kings College London and an M.S. from Illinois Institute of Technology in Computer Science. She spent many years as development lead on several projects before moving over to Project and Program Mangement. Anu worked as Development Manager at Oracle for 9 yrs, and then Director of Program Management at eMeter Corp. Anu is currently a Program Manager with Amazon Search helping manage new product search initiatives.

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