Eldette Davie

I started in the world of computers in 1984 by serendipitous chance. I have since filled various roles in this intriguing world and worked in what is considered the world’s leading consulting houses. My initial focus was principally technical which evolved into an application fascination. My roles have included large scale functional solution designs and implementations, as well as business, pre-sales and management consulting. I am intrigued by what makes people think, how they learn, what moves them to think and behave the way they do, how to define and model excellence, and what influences and motivates people to seek and reach personal excellence. This led me to investigate, read, then study human behaviour and how people can define and then model their aspirations of excellence. I believe that sustained success is rooted in harnessing the collaborative strength of real teams which work in an energising, focused and planned manner and that proper communication is the glue which keeps this together. I am considered the master of crucial conversations done with grace. I have worked locally and abroad leading and managing diverse cross-cultural as well as offshore and virtual teams so have acquired good negotiation and facilitation skills. The science of influence, motivation and behaviour as the root for good negotiation are key passions of mine. My current passion is about growing; others and myself to look inward, reach outward and surpass their aspirations and dreams. On a personal note, I am in awe of life and thrive on learning new things as well as being exposed to new concepts, cultures and ideas. I am intrigued by synchronicity, and the concept of world connectedness. I am passionate about all things outdoorsy—photography, nature, sport (the more extreme the better). I have a deep love for my family (especially my stunning four-footed children) and music you can listen to without going deaf. I can even hold a tune and tinkle the guitar myself. I love travel and seeing how the world at large lives. I dislike more than words could EVER express; injustice, dishonesty, thoughtlessness, and prejudice. I regularly go and play with the lion cubs that live in the sanctuary near me; I have also played with baby cheetah, leopard and even tiger cubs, and have got up close and personal with a baby Ellie and fairly close but not too close to a baby rhino, all awesome soul feeding stuff for me. I am a certified Master NLP practitioner, a Language and Behaviour profiling practitioner (LAB), Prince2 project manager, APMG change management practitioner; with industry certifications in Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, Electrical & Industrial.

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