Jeanne Parrent

Jeanne Parrent is the Principal of Jeanne Parrent Consulting. A skilled senior strategist & corporate business consultant with over 15 years experience specializing in creating successful new business projects, building project teams, and advising both entrepreneurs and corporate executives launching emerging technology projects. International business is her particular passion, an arena where she has spent many years as a consultant. Her clients included SONY, where as a team member, she helped them launch their first virtual community product for game and music enthusiasts in Europe. In 2000, she was recruited in a taxi cab in London to go to work for IBM Europe as a Business Developing Executive for their Netgen team working with start-ups in emerging technology across Europe. In her role with IBM, she was also a speaker, coach and judge for The European Business Plan Contests in 2002 and 2003. She has recently relocated back to the other side of the pond and now calls “the left coast” home. Reach Jeanne at

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