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JEFF RICHARDSON, M.S., is the founder and chief transformational engineer at Empowered Alliances, a training firm dedicated to collaborative team leadership and iterative team development. He is an organizational development and training project manager with more than 10 years of experience leading strategic change programs in Fortune 100 settings. As a facilitative consultant, Jeff has extensive experience working with program-management, business-development and engineering leaders to improve business results. Jeff's Secrets of Successful Networking program has helped many Bay Area leaders network for the past three years. He is an instructor at UCSC Extension. You can reach Jeff at

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Accelerating Implementation is a Decision Dilemma

How many decisions does it take to make a project? Thousands? Millions? The actual answer is much more as you visualize all the strategic decisions cascading down into the individual choices that drive daily actions. Add the growing complexity the global economic downturn has added to the mix and it’s no wonder that PMs and business leaders everywhere are struggling with executing plans that deliver predictable results. But, some interesting new research from the field of neuroscience is providing new insights into this age old problem. Let’s explore the challenges that are undermining our efforts to accelerate the speed of decision implementation.


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