Kevin Ciccotti

Kevin Ciccotti, CPCC, ACC, has been a student of peak performance, interpersonal communication, and human behavior for more than 25 years. He was trained at The Coaches Training Institute, the world’s largest in-person coach training organization. Kevin also trained with the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, founded by world-renowned human performance experts Anthony Robbins and Psychotherapist Cloe Madanes. In 2012 Kevin was named President of the Nevada Professional Coaches Association. Kevin’s work focuses on creating and sustaining powerful relationships in all areas of life – from personal to professional. He emphasizes the role of Human Needs and Key Decisions in the way we create our beliefs and patterns, and how those impact the way we interact with the world around us. By understanding these dynamics, it’s like having a master key to unlock our ability to make more resourceful responses to our circumstances from a place of conscious choice, rather than operating from our history or automatic responses. You can learn more about Kevin and his work by visiting

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