Lu Ellen Schafer

Lu Ellen Schafer, founder of Global Savvy, has been working with global teams since 1991. The primary focus of Global Savvy’s consultancy is to strengthen the productivity of complex high tech teams working across distance and cultures. Her particular expertise is working with India. A frequent speaker at conferences as well as an experienced consultant, Lu Ellen has personally trained over 24,000 professionals to work successfully on diverse, global teams. Clients include Cisco, Juniper, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, IBM, Intuit, Polycom, Novartis and Pfizer among others. Lu Ellen’s academic studies were at the University of California and the University of Sussex. She has taught at the University of California Extension and has contributed to articles and books on the subject of working globally. Lu Ellen has the amazing good fortune of combining deeply engaging work and joyful travel. She has lived in the UK, India, Costa Rica and California. Lu Ellen can be reached at

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