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Where volunteers gain hands-on experience with Scrum and Agile frameworks through the SVPM immersive Scrum Team program.


Who we are:

The Silicon Valley Project Management website,, started in 2006 to create a community of Project Managers who share best practices, experiences and lessons learned. By 2018, a group of PM leaders applied Agile mindset to build a community of Agile and Scaled-Value Project Management. Our cross-functional volunteer community adapted a hybrid of Agile frameworks and created the SVPM Scrum Team program. Our community now is registered under a nonprofit organization called Agile and Scaled-Value Project Management (, is a blogging platform that supports this community in two ways; it provides an opportunity for project managers/professionals to gain hands-on experience using Agile frameworks, and provides an online space for Agile/PM practitioners to share their knowledge and experience with our community. SVPM Scrum Team Program is an empirical and self-governing program guiding volunteers to build and support online presence using a hybrid of Agile frameworks.


How We Work

The SVPM Scrum Team Program utilizes Agile frameworks to help volunteers build Product Backlogs, create self-governing Scrum Teams, and build various tasks to support our online community. The close collaboration of our cross-functional team enables us to employ an Agile mindset using a hybrid of Agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, FDD, and any adaptive practice that we learn through collaborative work.


Our Volunteers

The SVPM Scrum Team program is a platform that provides opportunities for volunteer professionals to learn and experience scrum fundamentals and other Agile frameworks. Through the process of immersion, volunteers gain hands-on experience in a supportive community of professionals.

The Agile and Scaled-Value Project Management ASVPM program offers volunteer opportunities with varying time requirements, fields of responsibilities, and leadership growth opportunities. Depending on your background, skills, personal and professional goals, and your availability, we will match you with a suitable volunteer role.

Our volunteers are diverse and are in different career and life stages such those in career transition and workforce reentry, seeking career growth opportunities as well as recent college graduates.


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Career Growth

Maria is interested in a technical program manager (TPM) position that is open at her company, however she lacks the experience in Scrum that is a requirement for the role. Determined to apply for and land this role, she signed up as an ASVPM volunteer member. As a volunteer, her experience with various Agile frameworks supports her career goals and ambitions towards landing a TPM role.



College Graduate

Kim is a recent college graduate having received her BS in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. Kim has taken coursework focused on Scrum fundamentals and other Agile frameworks, however lacks the hands-on experience required for the job she is interested in pursuing. During Kim’s senior year, she was introduced to ASVPM through a professor who recommended she sign up to become a volunteer – so she did it! As a volunteer, having completed multiple sprint cycles, Kim has solid experience she can use to apply for her dream jobs in software and web/mobile application development.


Volunteer Benefits

Flexible Hours
Free of Cost (No Expense)
Build Hands-on Experience/Skills
Network with fellow Agile practitioners
Gain Exposure/ Build Credibility to the professional community


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