The Bump in the Night (3 of 5)

via Flickr by krossbow
via Flickr by krossbow

Process for Handling the Dips in the Road

The majority of unexpected situations that hit a project during its execution are dips in the road to closure; a leader can certainly prepare both themselves and a process for the team, to deal with these.

As the project leader you own the solution/decision process, like any of the other project processes, and are responsible for:

  • Understanding the organization’s  decision culture and its implications for affecting a final solution
  • Ensuring the process is viewed as fair, legitimate and transparent by the participants, in order to maintain an engaged and cohesive team, through commitment and shared understanding
  • Driving the team to converge on a final solution; not personally creating the final solution and selling it to them
  • Sharing with the team what the process is and the role they will play and what your role will be
  • Fostering a creative environment for solution development

The bottom line is: People want to be engaged and to have their positions heard on any given issue; then, they want a choice to be made, so the team can move on.


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