The Bump in the Night (5 of 5)

via Flickr by Bouliqab
via Flickr by Bouliqab

Where to Go From Here?

I realize that most of us will never face the challenges confronted by Gene Kranz, NASA Flight Director, on Apollo 13, but the mental exercise is worth doing.  If you haven’t seen the movie, or have seen it and view it as entrainment at the time, I suggest renting it and putting yourself in Gene’s shoes while watching.  You can put yourself through an endless stream of questions:

  • Would I have Gene’s mental toughness?
  • Would I be prepared to ratchet-up my leadership skills and rally the troops?
  • Do I have the knowledge in problem solving and decision making necessary?
  • How can I improve my day-to-day leadership, now I’ve seen one of the best project leaders in action?
  • Etc., etc. ….

Remember it is a journey of a thousand steps and it starts with just one.


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