The Project Manager as Superhero: Part 3

 Does Scope Creep get in the way? Find out below….

Queen Spon-soor didn’t know what to do. She had listened to Harry and just didn’t know what to do. Bud Geted was already upset and Harry’s new requests would cost him.   It was so hard to please everyone in Project and International Project she thought.

But she was ruler and had to make sure everyone was taken care of. That is why she had enlisted Project Man-ager and Project Woman-ager in the first place. They were great weapons in Project’s arsenal. If anyone could defeat their enemies and achieve success on time and budget, it was them. She had to trust them. But what to do about Harry’s request for changes?

She would talk to Project Man-ager and see if there was anyway.  

Project Man-ager brought BA with him to the meeting. He knew if he relented, it might jeopardize all their hard work so far. So BA was there to make sure he had all the facts. The Queen stated that she understood that Harry’s changes could take precious time, make Project a little more vulnerable on several fronts, and cause Bud Geted to have a fit. And she knew that she could not grant all his requests but sincerely asked Project Man-ager and BA to see if they could find any way to make a couple of the new changes he wanted.  

After they left the Queen, Project Man-ager and BA sat and looked at each other. What were they going to do? They both sighed and got down to work. Project Man-ager to his plans, dates and numbers. BA to pay a visit to Signed Scope first and then to Scope Creep.  She was not looking forward to the first and dreaded the second.

Signed Scope was not happy to say the least, after BA finished explaining. He was so tired of his brother’s antics. He knew though that he really didn’t have a choice, he would have to adjust.  He hated having Scope Creep affect his life so much but in Project, everything and everyone was connected in some way. You did what you had to do for the good of all.

 He and BA went about figuring out how to incorporate Scope Creep into things and saw that it was going to be tight. Even these little changes affected so much. He felt sorry for BA, she would be working extra hard.   

It was a whirlwind. BA went back and forth in Project with Communication in tow, talking to Dev, Project Man-ager, the Queen, and Harry. After not enough time and a lot of effort, BA got a handle on it all. It wasn’t perfect but it would get the job done.

Project Man-ager should be used to this by now. Making the impossible, possible. Pulling victory out of thin area. Finding time where there was none, spreading costs way past too thin. Pushing everything to the very limit. He shifted, transferred, took out, put in and re-worked practically every minute of every remaining day to fit these changes in. This is what he loved to do. All his education, preparation was so he could handle just these kinds of situations.

Dev and his crew tripled their efforts and got it done. They had made it through and were still mostly on schedule.  Dev has done some extraordinary work. Everyone had. They had fit in a couple of Harry’s late changes, and made him even happier with a work around that Dev and BA had come up with. In doing so though they had given Scope Creep a very small victory but he had definitely not won the war.

Project Man-ager vowed in that moment to do everything in his power to make sure that was the last victory Scope Creep ever had in Project.

Scope Creep was happy. He relished that small victory and when he told the story to The Bug, he of course embellished it to make it seem much bigger. This is my time!

Now that Scope Creep has gotten his way, what does it mean for Project? Will this little creep cause a big mess down the line?   See how it unfolds in Part 4 of The Project Man-ager.


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