The Project Manager as Superhero: Part 4

By changing scope, is Project in danger?

The Bug listened carefully to Scope Creep’s story of and saw opportunity. By changing Signed Scope, Scope Creep had probably created a few more weaknesses in Project that Bug could turn into major trouble for Project Man-ager. He was looking forward to it. He needed all the advantages he could get.

Project Man-ager was a formidable foe, he had to admit.  Brilliant, organized and all seeing it seemed.  He had seen him overcome tremendous obstacles (a lot that Bug and Scope Creep had caused) to achieve success in Project.  He also had a great team. BA was so sharp and had her finger on everything by keeping close to Communication at all times.  Communication was everywhere and made sure BA had all the information she needed to give to Project Man-ager. Dev was awesome and it was getting harder and harder to find a way in when he was on his game. Give him enough time and Bug didn’t stand a chance.  QA was too good; she checked everything and caught so much before he could get in deep.

Breaking something here and there was easy enough but if you really wanted to cause major damage, you had to break something that in turn caused other things to break, like a chain reaction. Or break something so badly, that when they fixed it, it actually broke more stuff. Which was really cool. But he didn’t know how to do that. He had heard it somewhere though. So he settled for just big.

Now he had a chance and Scope Creep had provided him with the opportunity. Not that he would ever give him credit to his face. To tell the truth, he was tired of Scope Creep’s whining about not getting far enough in his career. And his feud with Signed Scope was tiresome. So what everyone in Project approved of your brother?  Who cares? Go about your own life and do your own thing. Why was he tying his fortunes to his brothers’ anyway?

But he would never say that to him. After all, they were united against their common enemy, Project Man-ager, and they needed each other. So Bug was stuck with him.

His small victory ensured that something, somewhere in Project was a little more vulnerable to Bug than before and Bug was  ready.

It all started off smoothly enough.

QA had been planning this for a while. She was on a mission and she would not be defeated. Project Man-ager was depending on her.  She had to review it all and make sure everything put in place in Project was right and worked perfectly for the people. She easily caught some of Bugs common tricks and had sent them off to Dev. He could handle those in his sleep.  Nothing to worry about. Maybe this time they would be alright… What was that?

That’s not supposed to happen. QA couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Where had this come from?

 Bug had done it again.  They had fixed this and now that fix had busted something else. Sometimes she just got so mad at Bug. Even when you thought you had fixed his wagon but good, his reach had a long arm so that it broke other things. QA needed to talk to someone so she called BA. She knew BA would figure this out and that she would talk to Project Man-ager.

BA looked at what QA was showing her and wasn’t quite sure what she was seeing. So you see, QA continued , when we added in that  change for Harry, it broke something and when we fixed that something,  it messed this whole other chain up which we couldn’t have foreseen it. If Bug could plan, I would think he did it deliberately.

If BA hated Scope Creep, she detested Bug and so did everyone else. But what could they do? He was part of life in Project. They had to deal with him. She thanked QA, and went back to her desk. She called Project Man-ager and told him what had happened.

He called an emergency meeting. BA grabbed Communication and headed to his office. Dev was over in the corner when she got there and QA too. 

After QA detailed her findings, everyone started talking at once. Project Man-ager held up his hand. One at a time, he said. It won’t help us to panic.  Dev you start.

Dev had possible solutions but one alone would not solve all the problems and might actually cause more problems. As he continued, Project Man-ager saw his deadlines fading away. It was serious.  This would push them way over schedule and budget if they couldn’t find a way to take fix this.

After asking Dev to work with BA and write up the possible solutions, he asked everyone  reconvene in a couple of hours. He had some thinking to do.

Had the Bug defeated Project Man-ager’s time lines, caused him to come in over budget? Find out how Project Man-ager uses his knowledge and experience to triumph over these obstacles tomorrow  in the final installment of The Project Man-ager.


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