A Penny for Your Thoughts?

The latest San Francisco magazine contains an article on a new platform called Mugsy and a company, Pure Verticals, that is planning to use it to give the general public (well, the web-savvy public anyway) a cut of advertising action. http://www.sanfranmag.com/story/get-your-commerce

The technology allows any web site to embed product advertisements or purchasing links and get paid when anyone clicks on them.  You’d post something (say, a new video, a blog) on your site and tell your friends about it.  On your site would be your thoughts on a product that you particularly enjoy, and the corresponding links would show up on your page, ready for action.

I particularly like this line from the article (quoted here without the acronym definitions): “: leveraging P2P: exchanges with B2P: while simultaneously promoting WOMM: via UGC,,,”.  But I digress.

The author of the article, Henry Jones, asks “are we truly ready to inject such overt commerce into our personal exchanges?”

What do you think?  Are we?

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