David Bakhtnia

David Bakhtnia David is a certified technical professional with BSEE, MS-Engineering Management, CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, CSM®, CSPO®, SAFe®4.5 SPC, Scrum@Scale, and Scrum International certifications. He has developed 20+ software products (SaaS, PaaS, CRMS, ERPS, e-Commerce) and served over 200 SMBs. David has managed numerous technical projects and programs, contributing to technical/professional communities (including PMI - SV & SFBAC, meetups, public speaking, and various non-profit organizations). His passion is building and coaching technical and professional teams to create systems over-lasting generations! As a coach and instructor, David has created numerous custom-workshops and training sessions to empower cross-functional teams to undertake complex programs, spanning from local teams to virtual and international multi-disciplined talents. David writes contents of workshops and educational instructions that are proven on the field where the challenge is converted to opportunities, and teams become self-managing organizations. A few classes and workshops created by David include Agile Frameworks for Managers, Hybrid Program Management for Professionals, Scaled Agile and Complex Projects, Managing International Projects, and Agile Project Optimization for Managers.

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Schedule Optimization for Agile Managers

Project Optimization and Agility

Project and schedule optimization is collaborative activities with the leaders mindfulness to scope, time, and cost considerations, aligned with all stakeholders’ buy-in. Adding cross-functional human resources into the optimization formula makes our approach more challenging. In scheduling we aim to predict the completion of tasks in the future, considering many constraints, uncertainties, and risks. Project management employs many techniques and methods to estimate the scope of work and to optimize the process of deliverables!

This is a story in creation; a group of Agile-minded volunteer PPMs who get together to build an Agile PPMs publishing platform using a hybrid of Agile frameworks.


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