Ken Chen

Ken is a Marketing and Product expert with over 20 years of experience. He started his career in Brand Management (P&G), moved into Product Management (Intuit), and then Internet Marketing (Homestead, Driveway and Presto). He brings his broad range of experience and skills to each engagement and combines it with a true entrepreneurial spirit, having started his own companies. Most recently, he has been swept up in the Social Media wave and is a firm believer that it is transforming businesses for the better. Ken is the CEO of EM Marketing (, and also a founder and principal at Social Wrench, a social media applications startup. Outside of work, he is a human treehouse for his two young children, manages a perpetually 2nd place fantasy football team, loves movies, inexpensive but good food, and Michigan State Basketball.

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The Next, Big Social Network

Facebook’s meteoric growth finally slowed in June 2010. We give you 2 reasons for this and predictions for the next, big social network.


How Project Managers Can Use Social Media

Since Project Managers play the role of planning, organizing, and managing resources – all social tasks – they should be embracing, using, and benefiting from using Social Tools to manage their projects.

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