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Michael Seese, CISSP, CIPP, is an information security, privacy, and business contingency professional in beautiful Chagrin Falls, Ohio. He holds a Master of Science in information security, which was earned completely online via a very cool synchronous and interactive curriculum, and a Master of Arts in psychology, which tends to scare people. He began his career as a journalist, and then moved into technical writing, which piqued an interest in programming, which after all is nothing more than another form of writing, using a more limited and concise language. Then one day, standing in a local bookstore and surrounded on three sides by programming books, covering C++ and C-sharp and .NET and ASP, he had an epiphany: programming languages come and go. Guess wrong—that is, specialize in the flavor-of-the-last-month—and some college fresh-out will take your job, and probably do it better. But the need to store data and protect data will remain and, in fact, grow. That realization led to his current career track. Michael regularly speaks at conferences, has had numerous articles published in professional journals, and contributed two chapters to the 2008 PSI Handbook Of Business Security. He is the co-author of Haunting Valley, a compilation of ghost stories from the Chagrin Valley. Michael also penned (or, better said, e-penned) the twin books Scrappy Information Security and Scrappy Business Contingency Planning. He currently spends his limited spare time rasslin' with three young'uns, and can be reached between matches at scrappy@michaelseese.com.

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Wrap Up

I believe that most people in the computer-using community (which now is just about everybody in the developed nations) want to do the right thing, and can do the right thing. They just need to know what the right things are, and how to do them.


Administrative Security Controls

Administrative controls are perhaps most important, because they most directly impact your people. On the one hand, they are the simplest, since all it takes is education. On the other hand, education about the hazards of smoking or the possibility that having sex causes pregnancy hasn’t done much to change behaviors in those realms. Well, rather than throw up our hands and give up, let’s tackle administrative controls anyhow…


Technical Security Controls

There is a lot to talk about with regard to technical security controls, aka the “sexy stuff” like firewalls and IDS. So rather than bore you with technobabble (in Scrappy Information Security, I start with packets, headers, ports & MACs as a way of introducing how the Internet works), I will instead focus on an explanation of encryption.


Physical Security Controls

I think most of us “get” physical security. Still, a few basic (and a few not-so-basic) physical security controls worth discussing include…


InfoSec 101

When teaching “InfoSec 101,” I reflect back on my early career as a reporter, and focus on answering the standard questions: who, what, why, where, when, and how. Since this is a Scrappy Book, let’s throw caution to the wind and take them out of order…


Scrappy Information Security

We’re adults, and we like to know “why.” I would like to share some of the whys of information security, so that you can understand why the infosec guys can be so darned stubborn.

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