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I believe that most people in the computer-using community (which now is just about everybody in the developed nations) want to do the right thing, and can do the right thing.  They just need to know what the right things are, and how to do them.  That is what I hope to have imparted to you this week.  Now that you understand why we security folks are such fuss-budgets, I hope you will forgive us the next time we make an impossible demand of your project.

And if you really want to impress the security guys, read my book (OK, commercial over) so that you can actually speak their language.  Who knows?  You might actually confuse them enough to get them to acquiesce.


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    Great series, Michael. Info Sec should be part of every high school curriculum. If people would like to read about the extremes of data security, they might enjoy the article, How to Steal Secrets without a Network, on page 58 of the May 2009 issue of Scientific American. In summary: you should keep your blinds drawn on your office windows or you risk allowing 007 to eavesdrop on your screen or keyboard using nothing more than a powerful telescope!

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