Richard Cavalier

After 50 years in the meetings/corporate-training trades, Richard Cavalier is both knowledgeable and exhausted. Good meetings are tough to create and run! Active via hands-on experience in the field since 1960, he was writing for United Attractions, Chicago, when United created today's convention-business-program consulting function for two national-association clients, at their request because it didn’t exist. As a result, he has extensive knowledge of biz & banquets--the biggies for conventions. Subsequently, he worked in a major corporation's training department, a training consulting firm, and also independent consulting--thereby combining experiences with small, medium, and very large groups. From this broad experience, he wrote the meetings/conventions industry's (and world's) first how-to book for delivering control and safety of message via a proved system--his own. Three additional books cover related aspects of group communications: control of meeting-purpose. Meetings-callers endorse his ideas, as first established via his business-magazine columns. His contrarian ideas from the '70s are proving out again as business attitudes change because of failed meetings. Read more about this and other ‘firsts' at For Qs and contact: Methods and controversy aside, his mother believes he's the handsomest authority in the meetings field. That should count for something.

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