Haikus from Cisco

UCSC Extension did an onsite class in Creative Thinking at Cisco last month.  I thought you might resonate with the results.  And yes, I do know that some of them don’t strictly follow haiku rules!

Cisco project team

Talented, Creative people

As always, Snafu


Project done, boss says

That is exactly what I asked for

But not what I want


Cisco Project yeah!

We work together all day

And every night too

On Critical path

Really who are we kidding

It’s going to slip


Quality is prime

That is what the managers say

Time to market reigns


Let’s all get it done!

There is way too much to do

Don’t forget to play


The projects started

We are behind as always

Look for my next job


Deadlines fall like leaves

Autumn projects dark and gray

Winter release date


Projects are no fun

When they are doomed from the start

Still boss says work hard


Project not funded

Resources not assigned yet

Delivery was yesterday


Now I’m a PM

Reduce the schedule by ten

No cap’s on the end



Schedule is a mess

We have to clean it up fast

Else we’ll miss deadline


We are the best team

But have missed all the milestones

Here goes our bonus


First concept commit

Then execution commit

When do we write code?


Think of something good

Do it right the first time

Enjoy it forever


The schedule is set,

Including some buffer time.

Saturdays, Sundays.



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