Health Check – Who Do You Trust?

doc.jpgYou go to a doctor to get your health checked. Consider the following situations, and tell me who you trust the most…

Doctor A

A young guy, who looks like a used-car salesman, welcomes you with a stunning smile. His Hugo Boss suit fits perfectly. He offers you some Latte and invites you to sit down in this beautiful design chair.
“What can I do for you?”
“Well, doctor, I’m not sure about my health. I have some pains all over my body”, you confess to the medicine man. The man in front of you puts on a serious face, opens his drawer and takes a large book. He sharpens his pencil and turns to you again.
“I see. That sounds serious. Let me help you.”
You feel some relieve, this is why you came to see him. He’s the man that will make you feel better.
“I will fill in some questions on this checklist, and, presto, the diagnosis will appear,” the Hugo Boss suit explains to you.
“Do you have a health insurance?”
“Do you have a document which explains all the details of the coverage of this insurance?”
“Is your pharmacist ISO certified?”
“How is the quality of the computer system your pharmacist uses?”
“DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!” he asks you, shouting in a slow pace.
You don’t understand him? Well, you understand the words, but what does he mean? Why this question. In your confusion you
stumble out some words “Uhhr? Uhmmmm…”
The doctor leans back. “I see.”
You leave the doctor’s office with a brochure for an institute that can help you learn English.

Doctor B

The old gray man looks very wise when he opens the door for you.
“You are Mister Joe, right?” You nod and smile.
“Come in . Nice to have you here, although I don’t think you come for your enjoyment to see me.” You nod again.
“No doctor, I have some troubles with my health.”
“Joe, take a seat, and tell me your troubles.” You sit down and start to explain all the little pains you feel. “Do I understand it correctly if the pain is mostly in your stomach?” You nod. The doctor feels with his hands on the side of the stomach. While, he performs the examination, he shows some interest in your personal life.
“Who is everything at home, Joe?” “The wife and kids are doing great, doctor.” “And at your work?”
“Busy, doctor, very busy.”
The next five minutes you start rambling about your new boss, the pressure you are feeling, and the problems you have sleeping, because of the pressure. The doctor finishes his examination.
“Joe, your stomach is just fine. But I think, the pressure is getting to you. Happens to the best of us. Take some time to get your act together. Have some days of. Do you want me to give you something to sleep better?”
You nod.
“But just for a couple of days! Take a rest, and come to see me next week.”

Lights go out! You have to choose now. Who do you trust? Do you take Doctor A or Doctor B?

It’s amazing that in this example nobody has any believes in Doctor A. I mean, I don’t find it amazing anybody goes for Doctor B, I find it amazing that when it comes to your personal health there seems no discussion.

See the parallel with Project Management?


Bas De Baar works as a Project Manager within the publishing industry. Since 2001, he has been the editor of


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