Imagine This!

lamp bulb tulipsHow often do you daydream?

Recent studies suggest the cornerstone of creativity is imagination.  Take a break every day to quietly daydream.   Engage in “what if” games to challenge the status quo.

Imagination depends upon memory.  Create an environment that includes aroma’s; your sense of smell is perhaps the most provocative and can elicit memories from years ago.

Stop judging.  The judgmental side of you is likely to knock down a great idea the second you think it.

Exercise.  Physical activity can amplify new ideas.

Sleep well.  Studies show that creativity declines with lack of sleep.

Creativity is an essential competency for project managers.  Methodology is our guide; imagination is our freedom.  Use methodology wisely  and imagine freely to find new solutions to old problems and enhance project success.

Lisa DiTullio, Principal, Your Project Office,



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