Leadership Under Pressure

t_ship_storm-sxchu-596115_97504662_c_alexey_lyashevskiy.jpgWhat do you do to support yourself, to help you work well, be an effective leader, under pressure?

Being a leader can be stressful. Very stressful. There’s a lot going on, a lot of responsibility. Competitive threats. Murphy’s Law. Personal conflicts. This isn’t going to change, so the question is “what can I, as a leader, do to be effective in a high-pressure environment?”

I’ve observed that leadership attracts people who thrive on challenge, and furthermore who are naturally tough. Let’s face it: great leaders have the mandate to take on tough issues that nobody else wants to look at. It can be immensely satisfying work, but also difficult.

Thus I think leaders are susceptible to being “too tough” and not getting support that could really help them to be less harried in the midst of pressure, and thus make better decisions through “stormy seas.” And with all of the talk these days about sustainability, I think it’s right on the mark to talk about how as leaders, we can also be sustainable. Frankly, our organizations need us.

This week I’ll cover several things that you can do as a leader to support yourself in a high-pressure environment. See if there’s something this week that looks promising to you, that you’d be willing to try out.

And throughout the week, post your comments and let us all know what’s worked for you, and what hasn’t.




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    Being a leader may be stressful, but when it goes well, consider it eustress not distress.

    It may be that the stress comes in taking it too seriously. Not that a flippant attitude is useful, but focus in the moment with sights curiously aligned with the future, is more likely to hit the mark, than tensing up about it.

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