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There is no shortage of project management books. How they apply to your project reality is, well, another story. At this month, we’re asking people to name the book or books that have proved most valuable in doing their jobs. You’re welcome to participate, too, at

We’ve also been interviewing authors of recent books that might be worth exploring in detail, including project-decisions_.jpg“Project Decisions: The Art and Science” … get-it-done-book.jpg“Executing Your Strategy: How to Break it Down and Get it Done” … and right-brain-book.jpg“Right-Brain Project Management,” to name a few. (All these books can be found on Amazon and the interviews are searchable on our site.

A common theme we’ve found in talking to these authors is that project leaders and teams are being asked, more than ever, to navigate the complexities and challenges of dispersed, high-speed 21st century business. And in doing so, processes, terminology and theories only help so much. It is the flexible and creative application of knowledge that makes the difference in the end (which is not to say that consistent standards and innovation are two mutually exclusive concepts).

Make no mistake, knowledge is the first chapter to success, and books (or training classes or certifications) lay the foundation. But using that knowledge in the real world of people and problems is a never-ending story without neat diagrams to direct us. It requires the continual sharing of experiences and ideas, which is what our site and this blog is all about.

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