Stand Up and Stand Out, Part II

You either love ‘em or you hate ‘em.  Every project manager must make presentations during the life of a project.  Do you get giddy at the prospect of being in front of the audience, or do you shrivel at the thought?

Successful presentations require both thoughtful preparation and distinctive delivery.  Every time.  Here are four tips to deliver a successful presentation.

  1. Presence. Stand tall, be confident.  Tell your audience what you’re going to tell them.  Then tell them.  When you’re finished, tell them what you told them. 
  2. Practice. Practice makes perfect, as they say.  And they’re right.  The more familiar you are with your presentation, the more polished you will be in front of the crowd.  Practice, then practice some more.  If possible, practice your presentation in the room in which it will be delivered.  This gives you the chance to “feel” the room, get acquainted with the equipment, and be comfortable with your surroundings.
  3. Pace. Know the rhythm of your presentation.  Be cognizant of time and be prepared for interruptions – at any time.  Always plan for questions at the end of your presentation.
  4. Prepare. Be ready for the unexpected and be able to handle it.  Your presentation materials didn’t arrive on time?  Go on without them.  Your equipment fails in the middle of the presentation?  Know who to call for immediate assistance, continue as you wait for them to arrive.  You know your presentation so well, you can do it without the equipment and props – the crowd will be most impressed.

Knock ’em dead!

Lisa DiTullio, Principal, Lisa DiTulllio & Associates,


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