The Complete Project Manager – Summary

Alfonso Bucero & Randy Englund
Alfonso Bucero & Randy Englund

The “secret” code to success and advancement in any organization is to make yourself more valuable, align with organizational goals, attract like-minded individuals who want to make a difference, and take the initiative.

Several recent indicators support this path. Testimonials from graduates of advanced project management programs state that as they apply the concepts and coach their bosses or manage upwards, they are perceived as more valuable to the organization. This behavior is in stark contrast to those who say “That’s not my job.” This behavior may also qualify for acting as a Project Office of One (POO).

In a conversation with a VP at a successful high tech company, he stated, “Those people who tap their innate skills and capabilities and align and apply them to operational directives are highly valued. They are the glue that holds our virtual human network together.” These actions are effective when a clear vision exists for the organization, a set of priorities are established, and processes are set in place to implement those priorities. People become vested in and held accountable for meeting priorities, not just for practicing their functional skills. They have become complete project managers.

Your fate as a complete project manager is up to you.  By writing about this concept, our intent is to open doors, propose a structure, and share thoughts, insights, experiences, and stories.  As depicted in the ever expanding molecular structure of organic chemistry, as well as the potential of social networking, infinite combinations are possible.  What will be your path?  Achieving completeness is an unending—and thoroughly satisfying—journey.  The rest of the story is in your hands….

Randy Englund, Englund Project Management Consultancy,


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    Agreed! It’s the definition of a leader…identify what needs to happen and take action to get it done. Recruit others to help you in your endeavor. And align your efforts with the organization to help in its success.

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