What to Know, Do, and Think About, Part III

Big CheckHere are some additional suggestions on what to know, do and think about to keep you focused and successful when launching a PMO.

Roles & Responsibilities:  Understand the different roles and responsibilities of all involved in project management

  • Who is the Executive Leader for the PMO and the project management approach?
  • Who are the Executive Champions for each project?
  • Who are the Project Leaders for each project?
  • Who are the Project Managers for each project?
  • Who resides in the central PMO?
  • Are there business and operating liaisons connected to the PMO?

Tools:  Provide both Executive reporting tools and tools/methods to manage the projects

  • Focus on the priority projects only
  • Provide Executive Reporting tools that provide accountability, visibility, and rapid decision-making.  Make sure they tie-in to the project reporting tools
  • Provide Project Reporting tools that help manage the project, provide simple roll-up reporting, and identify critical risks and dependencies.  They must all be simple and not time-consuming
  • Build the overall Project Management approach from the lessons learned as you assess your environment and business needs

Project Start-up

  • Be clear about requirements for priority projects and why practices are necessary
  • Be sure to have Executive Owners, Project Managers and Core Team members named, as well as project goal, start/end date, and a clear description of proposed results for successful launch of individual projects
  • Provide training and support to project managers and teams
  • Provide opportunities to raise and resolve issues quickly
  • Provide an “Honest Broker” role for Executives and project teams
  • Provide facilitation, consultant and other services, as needed
  • Be prepared to provide “project rescue” services

Priorities:  Require Executive decision-making to prioritize the project agenda

  • Executive leadership must develop and approve the total priority project agenda
  • A start-up PMO can successfully about 20-30 initiatives (depending upon project size)
  • Create a Gatekeeper process on determining what is a priority project

Post-launch Activities:  Provide post-PMO launch services and activities that add value

  • Provide regular Project Management meetings
  • Provide regular project tracking and reporting to Executives
  • Launch periodic emails news from the central PMO
  • Provide key milestone and deliverable tracking:  Show progress, celebrate wins!
  • Offer ongoing Project Management training (to all stakeholders)
  • Promote project success stories; highlight key savings, process improvements, customer satisfaction, etc. to EVERYONE

 Lisa DiTullio, Principal, Lisa DiTullio & Associates, LLC, www.lisaditullio.com


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