Who Is Responsible For Your Project Management Career?

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Project Management Career questions frequent my inbox and comment notifications.

I love them!

The Question

I received a great one from Biswa just recently:

Recently joined in a organization as a Project Coordinator which provides IT Services to government. I have completed my MBA & having BCA > would it be the right way for my career. Please guide me by saying about the career growth.

I believe what Biswa is asking is whether or not he’s made a good career choice by taking on the project coordinator role.

I Don’t Know

Although I love helping new project managers achieve their career goals, I can’t answer this question. Why?

This is going to depend on several factors. What experience do you have? What is the project coordinator role specifically and in context with your organization? What are your career goals

I don’t have enough information to help, but I can enable anyone do this yourself. In fact, I put an entire online course together to help you through this process.

Own It

If you take nothing else away from this blog post, at least hear this.

You are your best advocate, and in the best position to develop and nurture your career path. Sure, there are tools and techniques available, and I’ve tried my best to lay them all out for you in a structured plan.

But the actual execution of this plan is completely up to you.

  • I can give you lots of ideas for how to go gain experience managing projects, but the implementation is up to you.
  • I can give you worksheets to help quantify your current career situation, formulate concrete goals, and plan your career path, but the execution is up to you.
  • I can tell you how to network effectively, but getting out there and talking to people is up to you.
  • I can teach you to target companies instead of waiting for job postings, but only you can do the research for your own career.

I see a pattern forming. It’s up to you. Own it!


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