Career Lesson #1 – Family and Health. And, onward to 1/1/11 !

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Well, there you have it #1 lesson: take care of your family and health.  I am sure we are all thinking that is so obvious.  But, if you had read my lessons 10-2, you know me enough to understand that this very obvious reason was not so obvious to me in the past decade.

Yes – believe it or not – there were stretches of times when my family and health were not right up at the top.  I am totally guilty of missing some family dinners, school events, getting exercise, going for a walk or keeping my regular doctor appointments.  I will say it was during one my vacations many years ago that I decided to make some fundamental changes. While my routine is far from ideal, I do go to the gym almost every day, and always there for dinners, and school events.  Doctor appointments?  Well, I am getting better at that.

The result is that I have a lot more energy than I ever did before.  Taking care of my health and spending time with my family has put more things in perspective.  My problems at work have become easier to solve – mainly because I give my subconscious a chance to work on them and not dwell on the small things as much as I used to.

 As I write this, I am on vacation in Tahoe skiing.  Spending time outdoors with the family and reflecting on my last decade has indeed been very insightful and rewarding.  It has been a transformative decade for me, with some great lessons learned.  I am looking forward to the journey ahead. I hope you will all take some time to be with your families and reflect – and perhaps come up with your own to 10 lists.  I would love to hear from you.

When we wake up tomorrow … it will be 1/1/11! (I am totally into numbers and happen to think this is really cool 🙂   What a magical way to begin the New Year and New Decade….All the best to everyone!


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