How things get done right!!

Projects are how things get done right. Project using best practices are how things get done better, faster and cheaper. As the 21st century unfolds, businesses are discovering that sustainable competitive advantage can best be achieved by using project management as a strategic process to achieve their critical success factors.

The current and future business reality is insistence on increasingly complex products, reduced time-to-market, higher quality, lower costs and higher ROI. Project management is no longer a “nice to have” capability for developing and delivering innovation, but an integrated component of the strategic management infrastructure critical for organizational survival and sustainability.

Organizations which can synergistically empower well trained project managers using best practices in leading high ROI projects will outpace their market segments in consistently delivering innovation and value to their stakeholders. The near future should find the position of Chief Programs Officer assuming a recognized position of importance within the corporate executive ranks along side other CxOs.


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