January 20th

It’s my birthday.  It’s also the day we inaugurate our Presidents.  We’ve been doing it on January 20th for as many years as I remember (and that’s too many!) 

So why the hype now?  Are we all caught up in the fervor of hope?  Of a new beginning?  Of change?  Of pomp and circumstance?

There’s a message there for management.

Whether you favor Obama or not – look at the leadership style.  What he has created is pomp, circumstance, gala, almost a page from how Hitler came into office and controlled the Germans – with infrastructure, torch ceremonies, youth organizations, etc.   Now, I want you to understand clearly that I am NOT, I repeat NOT comparing Obama to Hitler’s hate and violence.  I am compraing the clever ways in which they led people into following them.

FDR’s new deal wasn’t as exciting.  That’s why I’ve chosen to use Hitler as an example of how to get people to follow you.  Promise them good things.  Give them hope.  Give them something to hang onto.  Give them new jobs – create them however you can.

So, what the h… does this have to do with Project Management?  PLENTY

You need to excite, invite, persuade, and promise rewards for following your plan.  The more exciting and interesting you make it, the better the possibility of getting those you wish to involve, become motivated and involved.  Stir up the energy!


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    Josh, you don’t think he isn’t using fear, and blame? How about the dire state of the economy repeated constantly and the b.s. about global warming – chicken little the sky is falling down and give government more power.

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    Interesting correlation. ArLyne noted the similarities, and I would like to highlight the differences which are equally important.

    I’m not too familiar with Hitler’s techniques, but I from what I do remember he used the negative emotions of fear, blame, and xenophobia.

    Obama’s message has been one of hope, openness, and cooperation.

    Method DOES matter, in more ways than one.

    Josh Nankivel

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