ArLyne Diamond

Multi-faceted like a Diamond, ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D. is internationally known for her consulting which enables people to get the most out of themselves and others. She is a consultant, educator, trainer and noted public speaker. Dr. Diamond has had two of her books published, well over 200 articles and is frequently quoted by others. (Google ArLyne Diamond for a partial list.) She appears regularly on radio and TV as a content expert. Her clients range in industry, size, and success. From New York to California, From USA to Europe, Israel and Asia, she deals with all issues that enable people to work more effectively with each other. She has been successfully consulting to high tech and low tech companies, manufacturing facilities, retail and professional practices, government agencies, and sales organizations for well over twenty years. In addition, she is a highly acclaimed Professor of Management, Marketing and Psychology courses, having taught at several universities and colleges throughout California. ArLyne works with CEOs, leaders and managers individually and in groups. Her content ranges from all issues related to leading and managing people, processes, products and programs to strategy and tactics for individual professional development. In addition, she counsels, trains and coaches people dealing with issues of diversity, discrimination, sexual harassment, conflict and change. Known to be warm, witty and highly practical, clients find her approach refreshing and useful. She is well received at all levels in a company, and her evaluations of her workshops and courses are consistently outstanding. Dr. Diamond founded Diamond Associates in 1981. Information can be found by visiting her website: She can be reached by e-mail at, or by telephoning 408-554-0110 or e-mailing

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