Project Management and the Myth of Sisyphus

481_sisyphusMany people have heard about the fate of Sisyphus, but not as many people know why.  That is what we care about for it relates to a lot as project managers.  

Sisyphus was the cleverest of men.  He was forever getting people to do things.  Sometimes by asking, other times by cajoling and yet other times by outright trickery.  As a human, he constantly outwitted the gods.  He would have made an excellent project manager.  

What really earned Sisyphus his fate was that he tricked his way out of death.  It was supposed to be only for a brief visit, but when he saw the beautiful oceans, the rolling valleys, the people and the richness life had to offer, he wouldn’t go back.  For his treachery he earned his fate.

For our sake, his story does not end with his fate.  Kafka extended it, presenting our hero as one who reaches the heights of success only to start again and scale the summit.  How similar to the project manager?   Albert Camus enlivened the idea and named him the Absurd Hero.  As part of his explanation, he wrote The Myth of Sisyphus.  As you have some time over the weekend, check it out, my absurd hero.


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