Project Management For Dummies Horror Story

Wow, I guess they’ve got a for dummies book on everything now.  Awesome.  There is also of course the 10 minute project manager book in case you find yourself dubbed project manager 10 minutes before the kick off meeting.  No problem, just read the handy 10 minute guide in the stall on your bathroom break beforehand.  That’s what everyone else does.  After all  there is probably no profession beside air guitarist that competes with the ease and overpayment of  project management.  If you find anything glaryingly wrong with this post it’s because I was a project manager for many years, ’nuff said, k?   Anyways, just take my advice and short circuit having to read the 10 minute guide or the project management for dummies guide.  I mean, that’s a lot of work.  Instead, I’m gonna let you in on a really big secret.  It’s better than project management for dummies, better than project management in 10 minutes, heck it’s even better than project management for anencephalitics.    Just follow the instructions here and your team will snap into place no problem, and you can manage your dream team and not even have to dress them up for Halloween.  Just follow the recipes here and you’ve got it made without having to crack even the simplest of books or break a sweat —


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