Ready for a Global Launch?

Are you ready to take your global initiatives to the next level? Taking advantage of new market opportunities requires effective planning and implementation. Since summer is around the corner, it may be time for a little cleaning and fine-tuning for your international product and marketing plans. In order to provide you with a readiness check-up, here are the top five questions to ask:

1. Have you fully engaged everyone in the global launch planning process? The creation of the global launch plan provides the opportunity to engage teams worldwide. Ensure early input from key functional and country teams who will drive global and local marketing, communication, and sales readiness activities.

2. Do you have a consistent launch framework and process worldwide? A scaleable and repeatable life cycle process with consistent systems and tools creates improved understanding, accountability, and performance for meeting launch objectives.

3. Do you have an internal communication process to engage and align teams worldwide? In order to maximize awareness, interest, and participation in the global launch, it’s important to develop a communication strategy that will engage team members in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.

4. Do you have effective support tools for global marketing and sales teams? Aside from creating a consistent format for internal and external launch material, customization should be based on local product and customer needs.

5. Have you internationalized and localized communications to your customers? Early involvement of international customers in beta programs, customer references, and case studies helps country teams develop customer relations and accelerate local sales results.

Avoid a reactive mode this spring by ensuring a proactive approach when moving forward with your plans. Make sure to get an early check-up, benchmark your global readiness practices, and fine tune your worldwide launch process. This will allow you to flex your muscles, capture the attention of your teams and customers, and become the envy of your competitors this summer.

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