How to schedule 2 weeks of vacation when we have aggressive delivery schedules.

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Today’s comment came from a busy business owner:

How do I schedule 2 weeks of vacation when we have aggressive delivery schedules?

Your responsibility to is make the team know well in advance – what your vacation schedule is.  You should have all your vacations outlines by end of January.  This allows people to create effective project schedules that include your vacation schedule.  And now the project plans can manage around your vacation time.

I also recommend NOT TO modify your vacation based on project changes and project deliveries.  It has been my experience that project plans change.  And even if you are trying to schedule your vacation “after” a project is done – what normally happens is that the project is delayed and now you see that your vacation is at a bad time for the project.  So you postpone your vacation again – only to discover that the project is delayed again.  If you just select a vacation time that’s right for you – regardless of the current project schedule – everything will be fine.

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