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scrappy-project-management-big.jpgThere’s a new book out called “Scrappy Project Management.” How do I know? Because I wrote it. Well, someone had to! Wildly optimistic, I’m the kind of person who likes to focus on the bright, sun-shiny side of pretty much everything, even project management. But sometimes it seems that, in the galaxy of projects, there lies a mad, mad world of missed deadlines, resource crunches, ego-clashes, talent mis-management, unreliable team members, hopeless schedules and lunatic stakeholders all clamoring for highly unlikely or darn near impossible results. In other words, chaos reigns supreme. At the root of such problems frequently lie unclear definitions of goals, lack of planning, a poor understanding of the customer, and a slew of other risk-factors. Any of you who have lived in this realm know exactly what I am talking about.

Only a few light years away in another part of the galaxy, lives a whole other world, a kind of project management Shangri-La. This region is inhabited by project leaders who are able to deliver success time and again. These are leaders who have a talent for winning with a methodology that steers them to success even in less than favorable circumstances. They seem to hit the jackpot each and every time. Luck? If they were just plain lucky, how would you explain their repeated success? Luck is not a strategy, but after reading Scrappy Project Management you’ll be a lot “luckier.”Drawing inspiration from successful projects and the modus operandi of winning teams along with the ailments found in those not quite so successful, I’ve written Scrappy Project Management. This no-nonsense exposé of the secrets of successful projects also sifts through the smoldering remains of those gone haywire and is just a tad bit irreverent. My apologies in advance!

Why “Scrappy”? Membership to the club of successful projects is banned for the faint-hearted and spineless. The entry ticket has the sign of a fighting spirit marked on it. To lead a project to success requires a steely resolve, oodles of self-confidence and personal commitment to the project. That is, one should be absolutely and undeniably “scrappy”. Scrappy means having the spirit of a street fighter. Scrappy means being open to the fear that accompanies resolve and having the courage to overcome that fear. Scrappy means looking beyond social acceptance and the approval of a twisted reward system. Scrappy means focusing on creating something extraordinary. Scrappy means always finding (or making!) a way to get the job done.

In Scrappy Project Management , I reveal the dirty dozen worst project practices that can spell doom for any venture. I’ve highlighted the twelve best practices that can accelerate a project towards outrageous success. This book deals with realistic problems that you face as a project leader. I’ve included a Scrappy Project Management checklist that can remind you to do what you know you should do and avoid the usual pitfalls in a project. “Scrappy tips” have been peppered throughout to provide insight into key aspects of project management.

Scrappy Project Management is your edge in accomplishing what may seem impossible. It is your mantra for creating courage and commitment to your goals as well as a source of comfort during the failures that can sometimes accompany any worthy pursuit.

Projects are MESSY! From the minute the project begins, all manner of changes, surprises and disasters befall them. Unfortunately most of these are PREDICTABLE and AVOIDABLE. Tact and diplomacy can only get you so far in the wild and wacky world of project work. A combination of outrageous creativity, sheer bravado and nerves of steel will serve you far better than any fancy-schmancy Microsoft Project Gantt chart! Scrappy Project Managementâ„¢ is about what REALLY happens in the project environment, how to survive it, and how to make sure that your team avoids the predictable and avoidable pitfalls that every project faces.

You can pre-order this book at my publisher’s website. It should be in my hot little hands by August. Meanwhile,in this week’s blog I’ll give you a peak at what’s coming at ya.

Scrappily yours, Kimberly


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  1. I am studying Project management and I find you book easy to understand, PMBOK and the others are difficult, thank you for making it easier for me to understand

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