Silicon Valley’s Best PMP Course – Coming Up!

If you think you might be changing jobs any time soon, (hello Yahoo!, Applied Materials and
Nektar Therapeutics), get your ticket punched with the PMP Certification, by taking the upcoming PMP Certification Exam Course offered by UCSC Extension in Cupertino, beginning on February 22. It’s a 35 contact hour course taught by the best instructor in the bay area. (well, maybe the best.)

He does do a couple of things that add a lot to the course. Since the exam is interested in knowing that you understand the PMI processes, Jim teaches the exam content by process group. This is very helpful to passing the exam.

He also invites people who have recently passed the exam, to come and discuss their exam experience with the class. Jim could stand up there and talk all day about how to pass, but hearing it from someone who just did it really helps you remember how to pass.

So go to and search on 0205-027 the course number, and sign up.

Jim Sloane, PMP, OPM3CAC, and a pretty good trainer


3 thoughts on “Silicon Valley’s Best PMP Course – Coming Up!”

    1. HI Parul, and anyone else that is looking for a PMP prep class. This is an ad for 2008 PMP class, and I ma not sure why it is showing up now. I retired in 2009 and no longer deliver this class.
      Jim Sloane

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