Starting with the end in mind — lessons from the streets

caution.jpgHow many times have we been brought in to rescue a project, and we find out that the engineers had started work without really taking the time to define what success looks like?

Here’s a lesson on thinking before you act from a recent police blotter from my neighborhood. Yes, it’s a true story.
Tuesday 8/12/08 5:39AM 10th/Harrison:

Officers Dobrowolski and Ramos were dispatched to meet with a carjacking victim. The victim told the officers that she went to Polk and O’farrell to purchase some crack. She contacted the suspect who was standing on the street corner. The suspect told the victim that he knew where to purchase some crack. The suspect got into the victims car and helped her purchase some crack. They then drove to 10th and Harrison where the suspect smoked all of the crack himself. When the victim objected he grabbed her cell phone and exited the car. The victim got out of the car to get her cell phone back but the suspect jumped back inside the car and took off with it. When the suspect drove away the victim was knocked to the ground breaking her wrist. The suspect used the stolen cell phone to contact the victim’s boyfriend who met the suspect and bought the car back for $160.00. During the investigation the victim also told the officers that she had a warrant for her arrest. The officers checked on the warrant and discovered that the victim was wanted for stealing a vehicle. The investigation is still on-going.


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