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The importance of valuing the effort and work of people

I decided to choose this topic because during the first sprint here in asvpm I realized that the work and effort made by each person was valued and supported from the beginning, and then when doing the sprint review all the work done was valued and appreciated in a great way.

In my case, I made a short video about asvpm, in my country Colombia either by culture or for any other reason, it is normal to think that if you did something with not too much effort, it is something you should not presume, unless it is something spectacular.

And with the words of some of the team members in this review I noticed that they give a lot of importance to each of the efforts made by each person, and they encourage you to feel proud of the work you did too.

This is something that in my opinion plays a lot on people’s mentality, because if everything you do is never enough for others and they let you know it, you can lose motivation at a certain point.

Whereas if in many occasions these efforts that people make were more valued and they let each person know it, this would give them motivation to keep improving and working.

This is one of the many good things that I highlight in this great group of people and that little by little we are becoming an increasingly large and united community.


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    People interactions over processes and tools
    The first core value of the Agile Manifesto is to value individuals and interactions over processes and tools. When you allow each person to contribute unique value to your project environment , the result can be powerful. This is one of my best agile value and related principles, i can greatly resonate with David’s article, in most of my experience working in 3rd world economies, mostly govern by dictators, its command and control, they think value can only come from toughness with direction, agile thus is a democratic framework…people focus…….hahaha I call that flexible responsibility, we now see that agile can be applied to any developmental project not just software, to drive value, allow people to be creative.
    Conformity makes it hard to accommodate new ideas, new requirements, and new thinking. Agile approaches, however, value people over process. This emphasis on individuals and teams puts the focus on people and their energy, innovation, and ability to solve problems. You use processes and tools in agile project management, but they’re intentionally streamlined and directly support product creation. The more robust a process or tool, the more you spend on its care and feeding and the more you defer to it. With people front and center, however, the result is a leap in productivity. An agile environment is human-centric and participatory and can be readily adapted to new ideas and innovations.
    If you value processes and tools, the benefits are that the processes are generally clear and well-understood, and you have a written record of communications about the project. However, if you value individuals and interactions highly, you realize greater benefits:

    Communication is clear and effective.

    Communication is quick and efficient.

    Teamwork becomes strong as people work together.

    Of course, team members must have the capacity to be involved, responsible, and innovative. Team members may need to let go of ego to work well within the team. But these disadvantages are minor compared with those that often attend processes that value process above people:

    People may over-rely on processes instead of finding the best ways to create good products.

    One process doesn’t fit all teams — different people have different work styles.

    One process doesn’t fit all people and projects.

    My transition story, 10 years ago, I had an accounting firm/business advisory called ” CEO Consulting “with values 5i ;these stands for;
    my big idea here is if Ceo’s hire people with integrity, and accept their ideas, it will lead to innovation…which if integrated to their system will lead to improved business value.

    So recognize the value of your teem…

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