The Plunge

The Plunge ….

Many of us go through job transitions.  Sometimes it is a choice, sometimes it is forced.  It can be exciting, scary, frustrating and rewarding – all at the same time!  I have gone through many job transitions in my career, and I am in the midst of one right now.  I just happened to have started a new job about two months ago.  This week I want to share with you my plan for making this current transition my best one yet. 

First, let me give you a bit of background about this recent job transition of mine.

After about 2 ½ years as an engineering manager for a large global team, I recently took an individual contributor role as a business operations manager in an exciting new area.  I am still with the same company – but, in an entirely new job.  As I was leaving my old role, a number of people asked me what exactly my new role was all about.  I said it was a in a new business area that the company was starting, and I was going to be part of a small team helping to drive its success.  Beyond that, I had very little idea of exactly what was in store for me.  Now, some of you out there may think I was nuts to just jump into something so ambiguous.  But, what attracted me was the ability to work on a large program with huge business impact and being part of a small team that was in the center of this storm.  It sounded risky, exciting and different from the things I had done in the recent past.  And, I was ready for it. 

So, I jumped off the diving board, and plunged into the water. 

So two months into the job now, I can honestly say that what I am doing is challenging, intellectually stimulating and fast paced.  I feel like I run a hundred miles every week and cover a lot of ground.  It is exciting.  But, I know I am not yet making the difference I would really like to make.  I still have a long ways to go! 

There are days when I don’t know whether I am in a giant pool, a lake, a fast running river or the ocean.   The dive has taken me for a deep plunge, and I am making some headway.  I have not reached steady state, but the ride so far has been exciting, rewarding, frustrating, challenging and fun.  It has certainly gotten me out of my comfort zone – which is what I wanted.

One thing for sure, I am putting all my past experiences into use in making this transition as successful as I possibly can.  I think that is part of the reward for getting older and wiser J.

In this week’s series of blogs, I am going to tell you about my adventures in settling into my new role and some of the steps I have taken and plan to take in making this a successful job transition.

I would absolutely enjoy hearing from all of you who are in the midst of transitions or have experienced transitions.  Share your feedback, thoughts and stories!


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    Kudos to you for taking on new challenges! There is no better way to learn new skills and build new relationships. I’m looking forward to your posts the rest of this week.

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