The Tao of Finding Top Candidates To Hire

It’s crazy.

Job seekers have a hard time finding a new job.

Well guess what?

Finding good candidates for your open positions isn’t a walk in the park either!

Aside from this video tutorial on how to use LinkedIn to find the best candidates (see below) there’s something else that’s important.


Of course!

Out of the people in my own network who are in Michael’s local area, I can make an honest recommendation of a few individuals.

Guess what? I’ve never met any of these people.

But I know something about them.

They’ve asked great questions. They’ve shown me their desire to learn and improve.

They have spent enough time and effort in developing a professional relationship with me that I feel comfortable recommending them.

Many Didn’t Make The Cut

Many people I’m ‘connected’ with didn’t get a referral.


Because I know nothing about them. There’s no relationship there.

I can’t recommend them any more than some random guy or gal.

Others I’ve had enough interaction with to know them very well indeed.

To know they are not the type of person I’ll recommend.

Moral of the story? Networking people…networking.

What Have You Done For Someone Else Lately?

I just recommended several great candidates to a potential employer.

Did it take time and effort on my part? Of course.

But something magical just happened.

Three parties just got value added to their lives:

  • I love helping people – and it strengthens my reputation and professional network when I help other people.
  • Bright and energetic candidates just got personally introduced to a hiring manager.
  • A thoughtful and focused hiring manager just got leads on qualified candidates to make a better hiring decision.

Smart employers should watch this video.

Smart candidates should watch this video.


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