Think Like a Leader

In my examples this week, I’ve been writing about ways to convince those with the power to embrace some good software project management behavior.  I’d like to give some final advice for the week.  Think like a leader.

Don’t simply complain about your project management problems.  Try to do something about them.

Try to talk to those who might help you institute some changes.

Advocate for training, whether for yourself or company training for your team or functional group.

Take what you learn and advocate for some in-house inter-discipline training classes that can teach disparate groups how to talk to each other (and how to listen to each other).

Start brown bag lunch training on topics of concern.

Some issues are more pressing.  For example, written requirements.  This issue is SO pressing, SO urgent, that I say if you can’t get the right person or group to write down your requirements, then write them down yourself. 

Change management.  Another urgent issue.  Don’t go another day without trying to put something in place that will stop the bleeding.  Start saying “No, not unless we eliminate something else or slip the schedule.”  Stary saying “I’ll have to look at the impact of what your’re asking for and get back to you.”

Some things are too important to wait for.  Take a chance.  Take charge.  Think like a leader.

Anita Wotiz
Instructor, UCSC Extension, SEQ Program
Software Requirements Engineering (next class Aug 2008)
Software Project Planning, Monitoring, and Management (next class Nov 2008)


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