Time to Campaign!

si-campaignsigns.jpgA great way to establish a sense of urgency around the priority work and to produce a way to celebrate real wins is the use of campaigns.  Campaigns come in a variety of models; the most effective, in my view, are those designed similar to political campaigns: to win the hearts and minds of constituents.  Campaigns are an easy way to execute a corporate vision by consolidating the organization’s efforts into a theme and then communicating the victories.  What better campaign manager than the EPMO?  It makes total sense, as this is where all priority project information flows and it is a terrific way for the EPMO to enhance value to the organization: by looking outside the traditional PMO box.Start the campaign as soon as work is announced and establish the duration of the campaign.  Clearly identify each objective of the campaign and be sure to announce each accomplishment as it occurs. In other words, if you can’t produce real-time updates, don’t bother, your campaign won’t work.

Campaigns work for the following reasons:

The power of the message.  Establish a message that resonates with all staff.  Make it a simple message that is easy to remember and too powerful to forget.  Use visuals or logos to promote the message.  Place campaign posters in common areas, where staff will see them on a regular basis.

The strength and ability of the people.  Your staff is great!  Acknowledge the power of people’s past accomplishments to rely on their ability to rally around the campaign’s goal.  Announce victories as soon as they are won; visually track the accomplishments.

The strength of logistics, support and planning.  Think of the EPMO as the “campaign management office”.  Use proven tools to plan, organize, and communicate the campaign.

The key to ultimate campaign success:  Find a message that will not only resonate with staff, but will mobilize them to take action.

Lisa DiTullio


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