Convincing Purchasing that your project comes first

Hi, This is ArLyne Diamond again (  I am ths week’s guest blogger, and I think this is my third or fourth time to do so.  BUT, I don’t see my name on the list of guest bloggers – oh well…. Here;’s my blog for today:

Scenario I:

Jose Bive was Project Manater of three very improtant projects, each having tight deadlines and he was in a spot.  He wanted to succeed because he beleived that success in all three was the key to the promotion and raise he coveted.  But, he was completely over-worked and exhausted.


Luca Carlisle was driving him crazy.  She was an important performer on Poejct #2 and yet she constantly came to him complaining about the lack of cooperation she was receiving from the purchasing department.  No matter how often she remindd them that she needed parts in order to complete her portion of the project, they “shined her one” telling her she ws in the queue and would get her parts when her turn came.

Jose’s response was to tell Luca to “use your charm” and “stop bugging me”.  He warned her that it was her responsibility not his to make sure she got what she needed from others in the organization.

Wait for tomorrow for Scenario II. 




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