Do Projects Deliver Value?

Did this project work?
Did this project work?

There is a buzz in the project management industry. Why? Well, it is no secret that many projects can’t answer this important question very well; what value do you provide the organization?

So, I’m kicking off a series on Organizational Project Management. What is that? It is a thought that somehow we should better align project work with the needs of the organization. Compare it to a bridge between project work and operations. Someone needs to be a toll keeper to monitor the traffic that gets to use this bridge.

Do you have examples of great projects or great companies that have a clear definition of which groups should be the toll keepers for Organizational Project Management?

Also, who is responsible to be a toll keeper on this bridge?  There could be a couple of answers.

  • Project managers responsible for getting the work done.
  • Program managers responsible for coordination among projects
  • Portfolio managers responsible for intake of the projects and measurement of the health of the project work.
  • Business managers responsible for the project funding decisions
  • The organization that has to use project results.

What is your answer?
Oh, and by the way, do you even like the name Organizational Project Management?

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