How broad is your global horizon?

-A tool-kit for global project & program managers

Global corporations need talented project and program managers to execute on strategically aligned initiatives every year, to help them compete in a global marketplace. There is a growing need for PM’s who can work successfully in an increasingly globalized workforce.

High quality PM’s leverage their training and experience to drive the success of a project, and as corporations expand into new markets and acquire companies in global locations they will look to the PM’s to manage a continuously more global and complex workforce.

The success of these corporations now hinges on the aptitude of their PM’s to adapt their methods, techniques and working style to suit the globally diverse workforce they have as part of their project team.

Successful global corporations will need to depend on PM’s with high levels of global aptitude, those who understand how to successfully work with a global workforce across the cubicle wall and across global borders.

In the following blog-posts I will provide you with a tool-kit to:

–          Asses and develop your global perspective

–          Getting your global team ready to work together effectively

–          Provide you with tools and techniques to connect your global project team

–          Share ways to collaborate most effectively with your global project team

Look out for these posts in the coming days:

  • The PM as a global connoisseur: 3 easy steps to develop your global perspective
  • The globally connected project team: 3 techniques to stay connected to your team
  • Global collaboration, 3 ways to work effectively across time-zones

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