Using Game Theory to Traverse Obstacles

By Laura Lee Rose, author of TimePeace: Making peace with time

Many of the strategies used in games can be effectively translated to business and professional navigation.  Find out how….

Notice the similarities between game play and office strategies:

  • Play by the rules of the game
  • Familiarize yourself with your opponents strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand the stats on your teammates
  • Accommodate for any handicaps on your team, and defend against the strength on the other team
  • Keep your ‘tells’ in check (Be aware of what your nonverbal cues and reactions are expressing)
  • Understand your options.  (You have more than one game piece on the board)
  • Continue to increase your skills and focusing on gaining additional game pieces
  • Take advantage that you have three lives.  (Be willing to take risks to learn how to get to the next level)

If you were to take advantage of just one idea — I recommend the multiple lives rules.

Most games give you multiple chances to advance. In baseball you get three strikes before you are out.   Even then you have more than one inning at bat.  In video adventure games, you have 3 virtual lives.  We grew up with the idea of multiple changes and taking gaming risks (gambling with our game pieces), but most of us are too timid to do this in the office.  Avoiding risks at the office translate into never going to bat (which means removing any opportunity for a home run).

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