Improving Project Maturity…in Government?

How do you fix a woefully underfunded government organization and implement over 50 significant citizen serving systems in less than 4 years?  What core values helped Honolulu rise to be ranked 8th in the United States in 2007 by the Center for Digital Government for the deployment of Technology?   How do you inspire and transform government?Gordon Bruce  Gordon Bruce is the Director of the Department of Information Technology and CIO for the City and County of Honolulu and has over 30 years of experience in the tech industry.  Gordon opens Day Two of the PMI NorCal Symposium 2008 on September 4 at the Stanford Faculty Club.  By deciding to attend this session, you can learn about the values he believes are important, not only in government but in every organization. Experience Gordon’s passion as he applies values and leadership principles that led to his success in a government environment.

As the 13th largest municipality in the United States, Honolulu is currently in the process of realizing the benefits and opportunities of newly improved operations through the use of massive technology infrastructure upgrades and the delivery of services to its citizens.  Prior to a new administration, crucial systems were running on hardware and operating systems that were no longer supported.  Disaster recovery was inconsistent.  These factors jeopardized the department’s ability to provide reliable services.  The new mayor convened an independent panel of private-sector volunteers to review the city’s agencies, and then brought on Gordon Bruce. Experience what happened next through Gordon’s case study.  Clue:  it’s all about the people…and their leaders.

The Symposium, designed as a unique event by some of the best project managers across Northern California, helps people recognize symptoms and challenges in their organizations and then apply leading practices and tools that align projects to meet business objectives.  Those leading practices come from a powerful lineup of invited presenters, sharing their innovative approaches, case studies, and results achieved.  Additional insights will come from numerous opportunities to share ideas with other attendees, including several facilitated sessions.

I personally talked with Gordon Bruce about his approaches to this difficult governmental environment.  I was extremely impressed with how his values shown through, especially his beliefs in training and supporting his people.  I believe both the Symposium and Gordon’s presentation can help all of us address many challenges common across organizations.  The web site at provides more information about content and registration.

Be inspired: be challenged: transform!
Randy Englund, Englund Project Management Consultancy,


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