How Introverts Can Successfully Network

Hello, this is Laura Lee Rose.  I am a speaker and author. I am an expert in time and project management.

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At the end of the day, I transform the way you run your business into a business you love to run.

Today’s comment came from a busy business owner

halloween1How can introverts successfully network for business? What are ways that introverts can step out of their comfort zone and meet with business contacts socially and be successful at it?

Most shy people are nervous when the spotlight is on “them”.  So – reverse the networking process and put the spotlight on the other person.  Get interested in finding out about them, what they do, what their goals are, what kind of people that the other person wants to meet.  Then step into the “how can I serve you” mentality.  Introduce them to the people that they want to meeting, etc.

Another good method is to interview them for a radio show, video or article.  You will naturally share the spotlight when you put the spotlight on someone else.

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