Shaking Hands

Pairing with SVPM Team Members

What is pairing? It means that SVPM team members collaborate for the purpose of completing work within a given sprint. What are the advantages?

  • Multiple heads are better than one. For example, SVPM is developing its WordPress learning management system (LMS), so that new members can complete courses, quizzes, and surveys, in preparation for learning Scrum and gaining hands-on experience. A few of us collaborated to share knowledge and learn WordPress, so that we could develop the LMS. We encountered a learning curve, collectively persisted to learn WordPress, and experimented until successful.
  • Fast feedback is key. We verified with the team members, including the sponsor, that the LMS functionality worked as designed.
  • The staff develops its’ interpersonal skills in a safe place. In a world where technology replaces the need for one-on-one communication, pairing to deliver the LMS invited open discussion and the sharing of knowledge, enabled us to produce a minimum viable product.

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