See The Opportunity – Seize the Opportunity

I just returned from hearing Carly Fiorini (former CEO of HP) speak at Celebrity Forum. She defined leaders as those who made change – who see an opportunity and seize the opportunity.

Leaders have the vision to make changes.  Managers deliver within a set of (I can’t think of her word but mine is – parameters.)  Leaders can manage and managers can lead, she says, but the two roles are quite different.

She also mentioned that wanting change is like wanting to get into heaven.  Everyone wants to go there, but no one wants to die.

Since I help create and manage change for my clients, I certainly know exactly what she means.  Let the other guy change – not me.

I live in a townhouse complex which is a block south of the El Camino (a main street for those of you not in California.)  Since housing is so needed in California everyone agrees we need much more housing – affordable as well as reasonable.  So, given our space issues, we need to increase density.  BUT, scream my neighbors hysterically NOT IN MY BACK YARD.  Change – for everyone but me.

So, how do you get people to change?  How do you as a great leader seize the opportunity you see – and invite others along for the ride?  Evolution or revolution?  Persuasion or coercion?

We, those of us trying to lead change, wish we had the magic answers.  Do you?  If so, let me know:


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